Weather the Storm!

Speak from your heart!

Welcome to PostUrThoughts.com.

This website is a personal website and it is a place where I can go to speak from the heart.  There would be no holds-barred, I will simply share the experiences of this thing we call ‘life’.

I urge you to share from your heart.  There will be tough days but it is a good thing where we can find a place to let it all out when those around us have disappointed us and when we have no one else to talk too.  It would be hard to find someone to really understand what one is going through especially when it is that ‘one’ person in this world you trusted the most and then you learn that it is a joke and a lie.  Everything you believed and know about someone and you are suddenly faced with the truth of reality and that someone is not as they presented themselves.

I am not a therapist, I am just a woman who is doing her best to survive the situation and to hopefully get through this ‘big storm’, a better person.

I hope that it somehow helps someone get through the toughest days because they would know they are not alone, in this!  Thank you for your visit.