Welcome to PostUrThoughts.com

I am so glad to finally have this website back up.  I used to search the website just to see if there was a place I could go to just share my thoughts, and what is in my heart.  Well, PostUrThoughts.com, is the place and the good thing about it is that it is my own website.

There are times when I cannot talk to people about situations because when I do they seem to call it ‘pity party’.  When in reality, it is not!  It is about voicing what matters to me and why waste my breath when I am talking to a brick wall.  Now, when I speak of it, I won’t hear anyone saying I am a drama queen or again doing my ‘pity party’.  Especially, when I started being called that after the fact that I found out about something that is truly shocking to me.  Suddenly, I have an ego and I am sarcastic when almost two decades I am nothing but someone he loved and never had an argument with, until the recent revelation.

I am not a writer but I still just want to release these things that is very bothersome to me.  I do not like keeping things bottled up inside because it never turns out good.

Here I go… For those who happen to read my posts, it does not matter what anyone thinks of me and my posts.  What matters to me is that I release it to help me feel somewhat better.

Thank you!!!