A Prayer For MY Friends

Heavenly father, I pray that you will take care of my friends, Send them angels to watch over them as they sleep tonight, and wake them softly with the morning light. May their needs be met, May they never forget how blessed they are, Blessed, from heaven afar. May they come to know you and love you as I do, with laughter may their ears ring, with their voices, your praises may they sing. May they feel the love and healing of your hand, in your name may they make their stand. Lord, my friends are special and dear, Lord, take away their worries and fear, help them to overcome, May they see that you are the only one, the key to heavens gate, May every closed eye be opened before it’s too late. I pray that you will enter their hearts, and assure them that you will never part. I thank you lord, for giving me such good friends I pray that they will meet you in the end, and we shall walk on heavens shores together to live in peace by your side forever.

By: James Coons