An Angel Of The Earth

I have known an angel of the earth, I knew her since the day of my birth. She had a heart of kindness, a heart of gold, yet her story has not yet been told.
My Grandma would take in hobos, bums, strays. She would invite them in, feed them a meal, and then for them she would pray, then she would send them on their way, any one of these men could have hurt her, and put her life in danger, but, none did, for when they looked upon her, they saw the face of an angel. People talked about her, they did not understand, how could she invite into her home such a hopeless man. I myself asked her the question, Grandma why do you do things this way? she looked at me, and smiled and this is what she had to say, People see them as bums, hobos, and strays, but, what if one of them was Jesus and I had turned him away? I could not imagine Jesus coming back that way, King of heaven and earth, a hobo bum or stray. but, Grandma told me Christ would come again, and no man would know how, or when. I found it strange that none of the men came back, I would wonder, do they still sleep by the railroad track, or did Grandma’s prayer change them and make them want to live? to someone else, her blessing did they give? I will never know the answers while I am on this earth, but, will, when I go home to once again see this angel of the earth.

James Coons